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Sharpe Pools – San Antonio Custom Pool Builder


We love our Brad Sharpe pool!!!! Once we finally made the decision to build a pool, we never once wavered on WHO we wanted to use as the builder. We chose Brad Sharpe Pools because we knew the end product would be the highest quality swimming pool possible and that we would enjoy our pool for many years to come.

From the initial consultation, design, groundbreaking, contractors, pebble-tech, Travertine, and Pool School to the first splash in our beautiful pool, Brad, Adam and Bradley Sharpe made the process easy, informative, timely and fun! Their knowledge and attention to detail are amazing. For example, every time contractors were on our property, a member of the Sharpe family was with them from start to finish. They personally monitored every part of the construction process and didn’t hesitate to require a task be redone if it didn’t meet their highest expectation. Quality work and using only the best materials (copper over plastic; pebble-tech, etc.) was always included, and their responsive, individual, personal customer service was fantastic. In fact, when our raised garden became a casualty of the digging process, Adam Sharpe personally transplanted our rose bushes into individual pots to save them. Mr. Sharpe provided landscaping and decking advice that enhanced our pool and backyard environment. It doesn’t get much better than that!

When you choose Brad Sharpe pools, you not only get a beautiful, low-maintenance, highest- quality pool, you become a member of the Sharpe family. They continue to provide five-star service, answer questions and even make home visits long after the pool is complete. We confidently and without hesitation extend our highest recommendation to Brad Sharpe Pools.

-Debbie and Suzanne Norton

Brad Sharpe Pools is fabulous. They were upfront and honest, and you could tell there weren’t going to be any tricks. They’re just so into “customer service.” Any time I have a question, they bend over backwards to help me out, even though it’s been four years since they built the pool. I like the whole “family attitude” too. They gave me their cell phone number AND their home number. It was really nice working with all of them. They’re just great.

-Anne Newman; Olmos Park, San Antonio Texas

I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Brad Sharpe Pools. They were professional, reliable, they did what they said they were going to do, and they really built a top-quality pool. They built my pool over three years ago, and I still highly recommend them.

-Corbin Snow; Terrell Hills, San Antonio Texas

We called Brad Sharpe Pools because they had a really good reputation around here. When we met with them, I really liked the “family feel” that we got. The whole process of working with Brad Sharpe Pools was very good.

-Dr. George Alvarez, Huntington, San Antonio Texas

I liked Brad, and it was nice to work with their “family environment.” They cost quite a bit more, but it was worth it. (I didn’t want to have to deal with problems down the road. I would rather pay a little bit more up front in the beginning, than to have someone come back and deal with it later.) They built a great pool; it was a great experience for me.

-J.C. Rubiola, Alamo Heights, San Antonio Texas

I’ve built three houses and working with Brad Sharpe Pools was the best contractor experience I’ve ever had. It’s high praise, but it’s well deserved. He’s very particular, which is what you want when you in a contractor. He was always available, even years after the pool was completed.

Brad was originally referred to us by a friend for some patio work. When he looked at our patio, he was very honest, and basically said “Do this, this, and this; You really don’t need me. If you ever need a pool in the future, I can help you with that.” I really appreciated his honesty and his knowledge.

So a couple of years later, when we decided to get a pool, our architect suggested a few builders, not including Brad Sharpe Pools. I called Brad anyway, and after he came out and talked to us, we dumped our architect, and used Brad instead. His ideas were that much better.
I have referred many, many people to Brad Sharpe Pools. I have nothing but high praise for him.

-Kathleen Schoenbaum, Fredricksburg, Texas

It was totally enjoyable. We were referred to Brad Sharpe by our friend. She told me great things about Brad Sharpe, and when we saw her pool, we were sold. We didn’t even bother talking talk to anyone else. Whenever I have a question, I call them up, and one of the three of them answers the phone. They’ll answer the question right there on the spot, or they’ll make a trip out here and take care of things. Overall, we’ve had no problems at all. I’m very happy with them.

-Louise Davis, Cotulla, Texas

As soon as we met Brad, we instantly liked him. We needed to replace the plaster finish, and our big challenge was picking just the right color. So Brad Sharpe took me to a number of other pools that he built, and showed me how the different shades of pebble Sheen look underwater. He spent quite a bit of time, but he helped me get exactly what I wanted. I must have called him 1 million times, before we started, but he never complained. He knows what he’s doing, and he makes you feel calm about it. I noticed that whenever one of the crews was coming, he was always there before they got there. He’s just so conscientious about keeping you up to date and comfortable every step of the way. Every single step was just perfect. We never even bothered to get another bid. And now I totally trust Brad, and I recommend him to everybody. We really just couldn’t be happier.

-Margaret Applewhite, Oakwell Farms, San Antonio Texas

When we first decided we wanted a pool, we got three quotes. Brad Sharpe impressed me by putting my wife and I and the car, and driving us around, and showing us other jobs that they’ve done. He was the highest quote, and I’m very cost conscious, but we still chose him because of the quality of work I saw. It cost more, but I got the best pool built. I was very impressed with his work. I would recommend him to anybody.

-Mike and Kathy McMahon, Alamo Heights, San Antonio Texas

We really enjoyed working with Brad and his family. We talked with Gary Pools and Keith Zars, but after we met with the Sharpes, and visited some of the pools they built, we were so impressed, we went with them. Something else I like is how they go out California every year to try to catch up on the latest, greatest stuff. They were the first ones to start doing Pebble Tec around here, which is what we decided we wanted. It really brings out the color of water that you just can’t get anywhere else. Bottom line – Brad’s not the cheapest guy in the world, but they do excellent work, and they are really customer-friendly. He does great quality stuff, and that’s what we were looking for. We paid more than we would’ve paid at Keith Zars or Gary, but we know we got a quality product. We’re very pleased.

-Ron & Jenette Reeves, New Braunfels, Texas

I interviewed several pool companies, including some of those “weekly special” guys. The Sharpes built a rapport with us very early on, during the proposal process. And knowing that they’ve been around for 25 years, and seeing their other jobs, I was very impressed with them and their work. I was also impressed by the fact that it was a family-run business. Knowing that we were dealing with two generations of pool builders, and not some guy who bought a bobcat meant a lot to me. Being an accountant, I’m a stereotypically conservative person, and this was a very large investment. I knew that they were not the low-cost provider. But I also knew that there was quality behind the product, and that they were going to be here for us at the end of the day. In fact, we did encounter a few minor issues here and there, but they were quickly resolved to my satisfaction. Overall, working with Bradley and Adam was excellent. They were always quick to respond to my phone calls, even long after we finished the pool. It’s not like “we filled the pool, see you later.” And that’s what they told me – they said “look, we don’t just dig a hole and fill it with concrete. We’re going to be with you long after the completion of the project.” And they have. I remember one time when one of the connectors to a device sprung a leak. I texted them, and said hey guys, I have a problem. They were over to my house literally in less than 10 minutes to fix it. I just can’t say enough good things about them. It was just a great experience. In hindsight, I can’t imagine making a different decision. I can tell you that if I ever needed another pool, I would do the exact same thing. I would either use the Sharpes, or I wouldn’t do it at all.

-Ronald Weiss, Alamo Heights, San Antonio Texas

I interviewed three companies, but I liked them best. I liked their ideas and I liked the attention to detail. The whole thing was a piece of cake. They cost a little bit more than average, but he was perfectly straightforward about it, and said “We’re going to be your high bid.” Then they gave us exactly what we asked for. I still call them whenever I have a question, and they still come over. They’re all great. It was a great experience; I would highly recommend them to anyone.

-Roxanna Newsome, Alamo Heights, San Antonio Texas

It was great working with Brad Sharpe Pools. They were very helpful. They worked very well with our landscape architect (which was good, because I did not like working with our architect at all). I went around and talked to different builders, and I could tell they had the most knowledge to build a pool in our area. (We live in Terrell Hills, which is also known as “Terrible Hills.” It’s got a lot of shifting, expansive clay. So you have to build a pool differently here than you would in other areas.) In fact, there was only one other guy that had an idea of how to deal with this oil, but his pool wasn’t as good. It’s been five or six years, but he always gives me good advice on equipment, changes, stuff like that. I’m very, very happy. There’s no question I would definitely use him again. I’ve referred other people to them, and in fact my sister is using them right now.

-Steve Ballantyne, Terrell Hills, San Antonio Texas

He completed everything on time, as promised. We live way outside of San Antonio, but that didn’t stop them from doing whatever it took to keep us happy.

-Steve Goebel, Mountain Home, Texas